Interior Doors 2021: 7 Main Trends

Interior doors divide different areas of your home. They are lighter than external doors, as they do not need to protect against the elements or intruders. These components of the interior should match the rest of the design. In 2021, seven types of interior doors are trending:

Glass Pocket Doors

Glass partitions gently glide inside the walls. Rollers allow the doors to slide into a cavity, which makes this type ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Tempered glass is safer than ordinary one, as it breaks into small pieces, without any large chunks stuck in the door. These doors are particularly popular in residential spaces — e.g., between the living area and the dining area.  


Internal Folding Sliding Doors

This type is also known as bi-fold doors. They are often used as an internal option because it is a great space-saving solution. The doors let natural light in, look fantastic, and open up the space. You can open them up fully or partly. The separated rooms have a more appealing look. 


Internal Barn Doors

These doors have been in style for decades. Today, they come with plenty of customization. You can have barn doors made of glass, wood, or even PVC. The best part is that you do not have to pull the walls apart to install them. 


Internal Veneer Doors

Veneered doors have become very popular due to their decent quality and reasonable price. Veneered doors are made of a wooden frame, covered and veneered. This type of doors today is the correct decision, both from the point of view of economy and aesthetics.

Veneer is a layer of wood up to 2 mm thick. Veneered doors have a luxurious look and a huge variety of textures and colors. 


Internal French Doors

These doors are designed to complete the look of your rooms. They make the interior look just right. Forever trending, French doors can be customized according to hundreds of styles. Materials, colors, and finishings vary greatly. For example, doors made of walnut add warmth and sophistication. 


Sliding Door Room Dividers

These doors are perfect for homeowners who want to divide a large space. They easily slide open with a side-to-side action. Commonly, these are pieces of patterned glass gliding behind one another. These convenient space savers look stylish and let natural light and air in. 


Internal Flush Doors

The last type has a unique look and a pocket-friendly structure. There aren’t any panels or patterns. Plain facings on both sides provide a simple and smooth appearance. Metal inlays and kerfs give plenty of room for customization. 


The Best Interior Doors of 2021

These are the biggest hits in door design. Choose doors that suit your interior — there are dozens of options for residential and workspaces. Given the abundance of sizes, colors, and materials, finding an ideal internal door is easier than ever. 

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