Doors in 2021: The Most Stylish and Reliable Options

If you are looking for interior or exterior doors, the market has plenty of fresh options. At the same time, some choices are ageless. Discover the best ideas for style and security in 2021.

Oversized Doors

Massive doors are a novelty. They are used for both interior and exterior. Manufacturers provide endless customization. The doors can be made of any wood and in any style. The dimensions reach 12×10 ft.

These doors move on barn tracks or pivot hinges. They create privacy inside the building. They may separate pocket offices or serve as movable walls. This option is more flexible than a permanent wall. Externally, these doors make popular entryways. They are being chosen over sidelights and transom windows. 


Privacy Glass

Glass doors are still in fashion, as they open up the space, let more natural light in, and add coziness to any interior. In terms of design, customers have been preferring simple clean lines over ornate patterns. Clearly, overly decorative glass has lost its appeal.

Certain types of glass are still chosen as a privacy solution. Different treatments make the glass less transparent. For example, with a combination of clear and opaque glass, sight is only partially obscured. On the other hand, highly textured opaque glass ensures maximum privacy. Overall, privacy glass is trending in all markets and sizes.


Best Front Doors

Wooden doors for the entryway must be solid and 1 3/4″ thick. They come into variations — like a slab (just the door) or a prehung structure with the frame. If the door is pre finished, it has all the paint, wax, varnish, or other finish applied at a factory level standard. In comparison with fiberglass and insulated steel, the main disadvantages are lower energy efficiency and more frequent maintenance.

Steel is more secure, as it is unlikely to be busted through. Entry steel doors are resistant to the elements. They have a polyurethane core inside a galvanized exterior. Their energy efficiency is between wood and fiberglass.

Fiberglass doors are the most economical because they do not dent, rust, or rot. Homeowners do not have to perform any maintenance. In addition, there are a plethora of customizable options. The doors may be painted, smooth, stained, or textured. Some models come with a reinforced lock area.


Best Colors and Finishes

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are the Pantone colors of 2021. Aside from the interior, they are also used for front doors. Moreover, hues of blue, green, and red are popular. Painted front doors offer a simple way to incorporate natural wood. 

Bright blue makes industrial materials look warmer. Green is associated with nature, while black and white are timeless. Natural wood tones have made a comeback. To add coziness, producers use visible grains, mixed finishes, and natural textures.


Final Words

As you can see, some solutions like steel front doors are still popular. Glass is still in fashion — particularly, its privacy type. At the same time, consumers are shopping for new colors and natural tones.

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